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Behind the Meter Opportunities for Businesses

RNA Energy provides battery energy storage systems for commercial and industrial customers across the UK. Battery energy storage is a solution that has been used in data centres and the IT industry for decades but has now become a commercial solution for major users of electricity to start reducing electricity costs.

  • Save money

  • Minimise network costs (Triads and DUoS)

  • Manage on-site electricity usage to take advantage of cheaper energy throughout the day

  • Access additional revenues

  • Share in incentive programmes that provide National Grid benefits (Enhanced Frequency Response & Firm Frequency Response)

  • Increase energy security

  • Guarantee stable and reliable power

  • Become grid independent at any time

  • Eliminate risk of power outages

Installing a battery system can enable customers to reduce the cost of network charges whilst managing electricity usage on-site so that energy stored during low demand periods, typically when the cost of import is cheaper, can be used during periods of higher demand when it is likely to be more expensive coming direct from the grid.  This will result in big savings.  Coupled with the opportunity of participating in well-established National Grid incentive schemes that allow your site to provide grid balancing services, you can generate previously inaccessible revenue streams and make your business more profitable.  A battery can add a layer of resilience to your electricity supply enabling key business functions to operate continuously during power outages.

RNA Energy will build, own and operate a tailored system in return for a long-term lease contract requiring no upfront capital expenditure.  We are working with blue chip partners to ensure our solutions provide a resilient and stable service throughout their life that will go unnoticed during daily operations.

Please contact us if you think your business could benefit from the services a battery could offer.
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